Limo Bus Party Bus Rental

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Chicago – Wedding Limo Bus Rental Info & Rates (Rates Vary)

WE offer Round Trip and Hourly service in all of our buses.  Some dates and times require minimum hour package.

  • Amenities
    • Wrap around leather seating
    • Climate control, tinted windows and privacy partition
    • Flat screen TV’s, DVD Player
    • Upgraded surround stereo system with CD player
    • Full length custom bar console with insulated ice and champagne storage
    • Fiber optic lighting
    • Bathroom (Some)

  This Limo Bus Party Bus Rental 30 passenger Tiffany Bus 



Limo Bus Party Bus Rental

Our Limo Bus Party Bus Rental buses are the ultimate rolling party. With a rocking sound system and multiple flat screen TV’s, this party bus doesn’t stop until it reaches its destination. This is the perfect transportation solution for larger groups that enjoy the luxury of the extensive amount of room, and is also great for corporate clients who want to have meetings on the go.[/vc_column_text][vc_media_grid element_width=\”3\” item=\”masonryGrid_OverlayWithRotation\” initial_loading_animation=\”shake\” grid_id=\”vc_gid:1488385128680-d987ffc2-2a0b-7\” include=\”1676,1675,2418,6819,6798\” css=\”.vc_custom_1488385201939{background-color: rgba(30,115,190,0.75) !important;*background-color: rgb(30,115,190) !important;border-radius: 2px !important;}\”][vc_column_text]Here is some more info about our fleet of party buses.  If you have any questions give us a call.  Main Office 708-272-7188
Limo Bus Party Bus Rental Limos Alive Services the Chicago Land Area.



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28 Passenger Limo Bus Party Bus Rental ( The Ambassador Bus )

  • Bench row Leather Seats
  • Laminate Wood Floors
  • Laser and Led Lighting
  • Restroom
  • Premium Sound System
  • TV/DVD/CD Player/iPod Connections
  • Wet Bar
  • 2 LED tvs and
  • Removable Dance Pole

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32 – 40 Limo Bus Party Bus Rental passenger ( Living Well)

  • This brand new F-750 Tiffany built limo bus is the largest and most technologically advanced party bus in Chicago. The limo bus is equipped with 4 Smart TV\’s, Direct TV, a blue tooth controlled booming sound system, touch screen control of all electronics, air brakes and  state of the art A/C and heating system, a variety of light shows including lasers and fiber-optics among much more. If you\’re looking to take your wedding, corporate outing or any event to the next level this is the limo bus for you!

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Party Bus Rental Wedding Tailgate pros.  Best of the Knot 2016 Wedding Party Bus Rentals Limos & Suv Rental   Check out the fleet Limo Service 

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32 Passener 40 Passenger Executive Limo / Party Bus (Mr Tailgater)

 Party Bus / Limo Bus with Leather Perimeter Style Seating with 4 Tables

  • Laminate Wood Floors
  • Led Lighting
  • Smart Media player
  • Under Seat Storage
  • Premium Sound System
  • TV/DVD/CD Player/iPod Connections
  • WiFi Available Upon Request / Additional Charges May Apply

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29 Passenger Limo Bus Limo Alive Bus Rental 

  • Silver and Black Leather Seating
  • 4 Led Tvs
  • Custom Lighting, Entertainment, and Comfort controls in passenger area
  • Large Storage Space (golf clubs can fit 20 bags)
  • Rockford Foscate 8 Speaker with sub woofer
  • DVD player, able to play dvd slide show and listen to your tunes
  • LED, Laser, strobes, smoke machine, and Fiber Optic Lighting
  • 2 removable dance poles
  • Wet Bar with built in coolers


32 Passenger Party Bus with Bathroom

[/vc_column_text][vc_media_grid grid_id=\”vc_gid:1488385128707-4d572837-4454-4\” include=\”6725,6726,6727\”][vc_column_text]This completely custom built bus is one one of a kind.   It can seat up to 32 people and has a restroom onboard.

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