The Treasure Hunt reveals new sides of the city you think you already know.  You might have walked down the city street hundreds of times but ones you are out there solving cryptic clues, looking for hints and completing challenges under time pressure and you will discover sites you have never seen before. Various themes and places to visit. We will keep you on your toes! Nothing like leaving yourself and coworkers wanting more adventure!


Picture dueling Buses full of your troop’s scavenger throughout Chicago looking for things like:

  • A picture of themselves in the bean (a photo of themselves reflecting in the bean)
  • At the federal reserve museum (free and super quick) they can get a free bag of $300 of shredded money
  • Picture of themselves standing next to the Navy Pier Ferris wheel
  • Pictures of themselves with their feet in Lake Michigan
  • Take out menu from Uno\’s Pizza (the original deep dish pizza place)
  • A picture of the Building that Survived The Great Chicago Fire of 1871
  • Or anything else you can think of.





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