36 Passengers “Executive coach bus rental”

Our 36 passenger Executive Coach Bus with on board restroom is the ultimate luxurious coach bus with 4- VIP executive lounge areas all with laptop chargers, workstations and USB charging ports. This luxurious executive coach bus also has an on board restroom as well, perfect for those long trips or short trips without having to stop in traffic to use a restroom.

36 Passenger Executive coach bus CHICAGO Features

  • Up to 36 Passenger Seating Capacity
  • Customized Crocodile Leather Interior with VIP lounge areas
  • Multiple Large Flat Panel TV’S
  • 2- DVD/CD With Surround Sound Stereo
  • On board restrooms.
  • Separate Rear Luggage Area 10-34 Large      10-44 Small  


We beat All Quality Competitors PRICES!


  • Prices Start as low as $125 an hour for weekday rates. (Minimum amount of hour apply)
  • Prices start as low as $250 an hour for Fridays through Sunday Rates. (Minimum amount of hour apply)
  • Point to Point Trips also available in this Executive coach bus  as Well


We always have Specials going on so as well as “Super Coupons” that come out each week. Sign up to our email list or give us a call to see what the latest offer we have available to save even more money on your event!


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