Limos Alive party bus for prom

Limos Alive party bus for prom-everyone’s doing it! 

Limos Alive is a fabulous addition to any night. Prom is an extra special event in any young person’s life. The magic makers with at Limos Alive will make sure that it is a special night. Parents with concerns of their children’s whereabouts or the way your child will be traveling can rest assured. Limos Alive offers the benefit of a prom parent check-in which will notify you of your child’s drop-offs and pick-ups, if you wish-via text messaging. You will not worry about your sons or daughters being stranded or in an unexpected situation. You will not have to worry about them being late or getting lost. The stresses of city driving and parking are eliminated. It is all in all convenience for everyone, so that prom can be the best night of carefree fun and enjoyment. It is affordable, classy, and comfortable. Overall, it’s a win-win situation. Choosing Limos Alive as your travel confidant is the most convenient, cost-effective way to go. Prom tends to be a stressful event altogether. Let your travels be the least of your worries. You will then be able to deal with more important decisions. So that the night-of you can kick back, relax, and let the folks at Limos Alive be your escort.



Your Limos Alive rental will exceed all of your expectations in a limo company. Their limo buses come equipped with laser lights and stereo surround sound. You will have the choice of renting the bus with television screens and the d.v.d. that you can watch your videos on as you make your way to the prom and your post-prom dinner, party. The party bus is an awesome extra to any already awesome event. You decide when and where you’ll travel. There is the choice of any included stops, such as a designated area for pictures before or after the prom. You will probably have some kind of dinner reservations planned before or after the prom, and Limos Alive will get you there, having fun the whole way. This year for prom, consider your travel options. You know when and where you’re going, but HOW are you getting there is where Limos Alive comes into the mix. Consider the amazing atmosphere a party bus can add to your evening. With their unbeatable prices, incredible service, and cool convenience the choice is obvious. No ordinary limousine company compares. Hurry and book your party bus, now, for this year’s prom festivities. Limos Alive in Chicago is home of the #1 prom limousine.

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