Tips for booking Limo Party Bus Transportation Company

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Party Bus Limo Rental
Tips for getting a good limo or bus for your service
Ways to avoid getting ripped off
This tips should help you avoid the shady limo companies


Tips for booking Limo Party Bus Transportation Company

Get the right vehicle.

If you have a large bridal party the most cost effective plan would be to hire a large SUV limousine or a Party/Limo bus. An additional benefit to choosing one of these is that your bridal party will not be split up and there is plenty of room so they all can enjoy the ride comfortably. Others may decide that they do not want a bus in their pictures and would prefer a specialty vehicle, (like an Antique Rolls Royce). This would allow the bride and groom to ride alone, spending some quiet time in between the church pictures and reception.


Like a vehicle or specialty vehicle? If the company that has a custom vehicle (bathroom on board the bus) don’t delay the reservation since these cars and buses are in demand and most likely will be booked as your special day draws near. Know what you are paying for. When you get a quote from a limousines company or any vendor for that matter, make sure the price includes all taxes and fees. You do not want any surprises when you pay the deposit or even worse when you go to make the final payment. Make sure you read all the fine print when signing the contract. A good tip is to inquire about any package deals before booking your limo. Many companies offer incentives and/or price discounts for hiring more than one limo for your wedding day.

Compare Prices

Compare prices, reviews. Talk to your other vendors ask them for info on who your going to use. Prices between companies vary- sometimes be a lot. There are many things that factor into why a company will be cheaper than another. Beware when a company is a lot less expensive especially when booking for your wedding! There are many things that factors to take into consideration when a limo company gives you a quote. Some things that make companies cheaper than others, chauffeur’s wages, the age of the fleet of cars, ect… If the limo company has given you much lower quote than other companies it might mean that you will be paying for a driver that isn’t getting paid to take good care of the cars they are providing for your affair are older and/or don’t get regularly repaired and serviced.Beware of the companies that load their books with cheap services and than cancel those people when a higher value job comes in for YOUR vehicle. The typical excuses these shady companies tell you 2 weeks before your service ..

  1. Sorry the vehicle you had reserved has been in a accident and will not ready by your service date.
  2. The employee who booked you never put your reservation as complete in our system
  3. We upgraded our fleet and sold the bus you had booked but you can upgrade to this new one for a small fee…..
More Tips when you book Limo Party Bus or Transportation Company

Go to the limo company’s office to check out the appearance of the cars, the office and meet the staff

Once you have booked your limos for your wedding make sure you keep in touch with the company. If you make any changes to the original contract email or call the limousines company to make sure they are accommodating the change. How does the company handle their bookings? Google Calendar or a dispatch management software? Reconfirm with the limo company the 1 month, 2 weeks and 1 week before your service. Remember if your contract says your going to 123 street and you need to go to 12345 s street its up to you to catch any routing errors and notify the company to correct them..

Tips for booking Limo Party Bus Transportation Company
What Affiliates / Partners do they work close with?

If a company maintains relations with other reputable companies they most likely will be a good provider for your service. The leaders in the industry wont work with anyone that can jeopardize their company, nor will they work with companies with unreliable drivers or vehicles. Does the companies web site have REAL or STOCK photo images of servic es?