How to avoid getting ripped off from Local Limo Companies



For those new to reserving vendors or transportation in the event industry, Saturdays are the busiest day of the week for nearly every Wedding and Event service provider and transportation company. If you are planning a Friday, Sunday, or weekday wedding, you may be able to save considerable amounts of money.

But despite when you plan to marry, and whether you are arranging just a quick transfer (nearly impossible on Saturdays), or a full day of limousine or limo bus service, you need to take a few simple measures to ensure you protect yourself. The following recommendations will help ensure your wedding transportation provider takes care of you properly:

1) Ask Questions! You’ll want to know: What type of vehicle can I expect? What color will our vehicle be? What is the maximum passenger capacity of our vehicle? Will we receive a courteous and experienced limo driver? Does the reservation total include a gratuity for our driver? What beverages will be available in the vehicle and when? Can you please quote me the final, total, out-the-door price for our desired wedding transportation?

2) Get a Contract. Make sure you have a contract in hand that spells out in detail all of the transportation services that you will receive, the exact total amount you will be paying, and the exact start time and location. This way, if anything is not as expected, you will have a much better chance at receiving a partial refund.

3) Plan your Route. If you have planned multiple stops, don’t opt for a friend to navigate for the driver. Compile all of the exact addresses and forward them to the limousine company no less than 24 hours in advance.

4) Extras. If extras such as an upgraded sound system or GPS navigation or specific seating arrangement options are important to you. Don’t just expect that they are standard. Be sure to discuss your desires with your service provider and have these extras be detailed in your contract.

5) Driver Qualifications. You’ll want to make sure that your limousine company adheres to professional standards. Ask about the qualifications and experience of the specific driver you will be working with.

6) Company Policies. Ask about the company’s policies regarding drug-testing as well as training procedures and standards for hiring limo drivers.

7) Determine Value. As we all know, price does not equal value in most cases. If a price sounds to good to be true, it probably is. Very rarely will the cheapest limousine company be the best value.

\"8)\" Wedding Day Preparedness. On your wedding day, be sure that your wedding planner has a copy of the contract that specifies all pickup and drop-off times and locations, expected service, type of transportation, AND driver and company contact phone numbers and email addresses.

9) Plan ahead. Consider companies that also have a fleet of vans or buses for transportation to and from hotels for your family and guests, especially if alcohol will be served at your wedding. Absolutely the last news that you ever want to receive on your wedding night is that there has been a tragic driving accident or DUI involving one of your guests.

10) Comfort. Lastly, ask yourself if you feel comfortable with the way you’ve been dealt with throughout the research and reservation process. Make sure that your limousine company is providing staff and service that is flexible, friendly, and accommodating.

What I really liked was that the limo was spotlessly clean, stocked with beer, champagne, soda, and ice, had fun party lights, a cute \”just married\” sign, and a sweet sound system. We had tons of room to move around and a pole for our best man to dance on.

The stuff I didn\’t like – the reliance on us to give him directions everywhere, and the 5% charge for paying by visa. When you\’re spending a grand on limo service, that\’s a sizable amount.

Overall, I would recommend LimosAlive.  Call up today 888-954-6684

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  1. Aubree Charbonneau

    Hello- I am wanting to request more information on your services. We have 18 people in our wedding party and also I like the black bus that you offer. What is the price per hour for that bus? Also how far do you travel to accommodate a wedding out of Chicago?

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